Gamma Rae Crafts

I dream of painting and then I paint my dream.
— Vincent Van Gogh

Why Crafts?

I don't think crafts is a dirty word. Craftsmen & craftswomen have been creating fine items for hundreds of years. Much of it is art with a function (a beautifully carved chest of drawers or beaded silk gown), some is art for the sake of art and beauty. I pride myself in crafting beautiful items, some functional, some just for the beauty of them.

I think there’s a place for art in every part of our lives, not just hanging on our walls, but in the items we use, the furniture we decorate with, the jewelry and clothing we wear, and even the food we eat.

My Background

I studied both technical theater and fine arts in school. Eventually working on traveling Broadway productions when they came to town, mostly in the wardrobe department.

In my 20’s I also owned a local knitting store, designing knitting patterns and hand-dying yarn as well. It was an amazing time building a community of yarn lovers, teaching classes, and curating our selection of natural fiber yarns. After 9 years running my own store, I took the opportunity to become a full-time knitting designer and yarn developer with a major yarn company and have been doing that ever since.

100% Original

My goal is for everything in my shop to be 100% original artwork, not prints or lithographs.

My father collected art and I grew up in a house surrounded by original artwork. There’s something special about knowing that the piece on the wall is the one touched and crafted by the artist.

My goal is to always have at least some small pieces that are at obtainable prices for any person to be able to put something original & unique on their walls. Something they know no one else will have, not another mass produced print from a big box store.